Toss Box Mission Project

By Lawrence Johnson

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What: Speed the Light Toss Box.
Where: At the northeast corner of the square in Burwell.
When: The door is always open.
Why: To collect donated clothing and shoes.
Who: The Burwell Assemblies of God Youth Ministry project.

Ever wondered where your donations to the toss box go?

Recently Toby Schneckloth, the Nebraska Youth Minister of the Assemblies of God church was in Burwell to load donations made to the Toss Box. Schneckloth said, “Everything gets used. All the donations go to the Peoples City Mission in Lincoln and go into three categories. The best clothes and shoes are made available to the homeless, the next cut goes to third world countries and the least usable go to industrial firms where they are processed into other products.”   The products going to the industrial markets are sold with the funds going to the church’s mission projects. Each semi trailer load usually brings in about $3,000. The total amount allocated from the Burwell church in 2016 was $1,125, in January 2016 alone, $610 was raised for Speed the Light.

According to Dave Busch, Burwell Assembly church pastor, he and his family empty the Toss Box monthly and usually at least twice monthly during the winter. A box in Sargent is also available for residents in that area and Busch stated that donors there are very generous too. “The Community Clothing Closet housed in the First Christian Church in Burwell is also a frequent contributor to the Toss Box,” Busch said.

Youth groups from Ord, Spencer, O’Neill, and Butte, also helped load the trailer and brought donations from their respective areas. It wasn’t all work, Schneckloth used a power point and informed the group about how the money raised through the Toss Boxes goes to benefit the church’s mission projects and challenged the youth to give financially but especially of their time and talent to benefit God’s work. Inflatable balls with room for a person inside were popular entertainment followed by a pizza party to finish out the Sunday afternoon.

The Assemblies of God has ninety churches throughout Nebraska with a Church Camp, Conference, and Resource Center at Lexington NE.

The “Toss Box” is used for an easy donation drop off for unwanted clothes and shoes.