For Everybody is a great resource to live a lower-waste lifestyle. Ways to make some interesting, simple and effective changes that have a real impact. They’re serious about helping readers reduce their waste footprint every day.

From Real Simple magazine.  An A to Z guide of how to recycle anything.

From Nebraska Public Power District.  The lifecycle of an aluminum can.  Very interesting.

Go Green at Home! Tips for recycling, composting, water and energy conservation in the home.  For Kids & Adults

A great list of things you should and shouldn’t recycle.

A great link for kids to learn about recycling, why it is very important to do and what items are considered recyclable.

 For Teachers

Pre-K Videos

Elementary & High School Resources
From Project Learning Tree.  Resources include printable student pages, technology connections, stories, charts, illustrations, 90-second radio shows, and more. You can browse by activity guide or a choose topic.

From Nature Bridge.  Classroom activities and resources about garbage.

From the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  Include general information about composting and recycling. Also learn how to involve students in setting up a school recycling program.

From Nebraska Public Power District.  Resources for teachers on stewardship, energy usage, and others.

For Students

From Nature Bridge.  Information for teachers, students and outdoor professionals all on environmental science.

High school students. is the country’s largest not-for-profit for young people and social change.  Action ideas and resources on a wide variety of social issues including environmental issues.

For Business Owners

From the Environmental Protection Agency.  Tools, resources, information on sustainable materials management and industrial recycling.

From the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  The Excel Food Waste Management Calculator estimates the cost competitiveness of alternatives to food waste disposal, including source reduction, donation, composting, and recycling of yellow grease.

For National Planting Day

A “starter” list of native plants for Nebraska, Kansas, and Eastern Colorado. It is intended for residential or commercial landscapers who want to create attractive and varied native landscapes.

List of recommended plants for native landscaping in Nebraska.  From the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center.

Local source for native wildflower seeds.  Located in Broken Bow, NE.

Nebraska supplier of native grass and wildflower seeds.  Located in Murdoch, NE. 

For Grant Seekers

Nebraska Environmental Trust

Captain Planet Foundation

Do Something Seed Grants (to start something, not necessarily actual seeds).  For youth.

Ways to Help Grants.  For youth under age 19.