Glass Recycling

GlassBefore you toss your glass bottle or jar in the recycle bin, be sure to:

  •  Remove lid
  •  Rinse thoroughly

You do not have to remove the labels.

You can recycle clear, green, amber, brown, and blue glass bottles and jars in the large single-stream recycling dumpsters located in several of Keep Loup Basin Beautiful’s communities.

The following items are NOT recyclable in these dumpsters:

–        Light bulbs
–        Plates
–        Vases
–        Drinking glasses
–        Window glass
–        Mirror glass

Glass can be recycled in the following communities:

  • Arnold
  • Atkinson
  • Chambers
  • Ord-curbside recyclingIf you have additions to this list, please call the Keep Loup Basin office at 308-346-3393 so we can keep it as up to date as possible.  Thank you!

Updated 4/1/15 by Keep Loup Basin Beautiful