Taylor United Methodist Youth Group invade Clothing Closet

            The Taylor United Methodist Youth Group of twelve ambitious youth and their sponsor, Belinda Schroder, along with Pastor Dennis Davenport volunteered their help at the Clothing Closet Clothing Closet located at the First Christian Church in Burwell on Wednesday, November 7, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. to sort clothing, sort hangers for recycling, flatten boxes, vacuum the entire basement, straighten clothing in various rooms and in general have a great time.  They dined on pizza before going to work and gave the Clothing Closet a big boost in getting clothing out and ready for the public.  All the volunteers who work at the Clothing Closet greatly appreciate the help provided by the Taylor UMWYG.  Thank you for coming and sprucing up the Clothing Closet.
Visit https://americarecyclesday.org/pledge/ to take the pledge to recycle. Continue reading

Keep Loup Basin Beautiful Hosting America Recycles Day Event

Keep Loup Basin Beautiful located at 330 S. Hwy 11, Burwell, NE will be hosting an open house and serving refreshments on Thursday, November 15, 2018 from 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m..  Jane Polson, President of Keep Nebraska Beautiful will be present at the open house during the morning on Thursday, November 15, 2018, to celebrate America Recycles Day.  Polson will also be accompanied by Meagan J. Deichert, incoming president of Keep Nebraska Beautiful.  Please drop in and meet the Keep Nebraska Beautiful officers.
Keep Loup Basin Beautiful will also be accepting recycle items such as household batteries, metal hangers, cell phones, eye glasses, hearing aids, keys, and bicycles.  Gently used back packs and clean lap-size blankets may be donated to the Clothing Closet to give children through the Back Pack Foster Home Care Program.
Join Keep Nebraska Beautiful and Keep Loup Basin Beautiful to celebrate America Recycles Day and to take the pledge to recycle. The staff at Keep Loup Basin Beautiful is looking forward to answering your questions and exploring new ideas for recycling.  Contact Janet Sanders, Affiliate Director at 308-346-3393 for more information and details! Continue reading

Recycle Trailer Guidelines

The Recycle Trailer located in Burwell at the Loup Rivers Scenic Byway near the Plain Valley Schoolhouse located at 330 South Hwy 11 serves as a vital source for recycling paper, aluminum cans, steel cans and plastic containers for the Burwell community. The trailer is located in a convenient place for all to pull up to and empty their recyclables. The trailer is emptied every two weeks by valuable volunteers. The contents of the trailer go to Custer County Recycling to be recycled elsewhere in the United States.
There are a few guidelines to be followed in using the recycle trailer effectively. Some of them are listed here:
No glass
No cat food cans. They are not aluminum.
No aluminum foil.
No cardboard.
Please empty plastic bags before recycling.
Please no littering on the ground around the recycle trailer
Please place clean and dry cardboard (corrugated and paperboard) in the semi-trailer at the same location. Collapse and stack all the cardboard boxes. No staples. No Styrofoam. No large tubes.
Do recycle number 1 and number 2 clean plastic containers. Look for the recycle symbol on the Continue reading

Glass Recycling Ribbon Cutting – Valentine, NE

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The Open House and Ribbon Cutting for glass recycling is in the books. This marks the beginning. Glass is heavy and takes a lot of room. Now, in the Valentine area, we have systems in place to keep glass out of the dead end landfill. Instead we can move it forward to serve its next purpose.

NC RC&D announces NK Waste and Recycling of Valentine NE is accepting glass at their recycling center in Valentine. Along with the bins of paper and tin and other recyclables, there is now a container for glass.

“Glass recycling is available because we have found a market for the glass,” comments Neil Wescott of NK Waste & Recycling. “It has been quite a while since there has been anyone accepting glass. Learning about Ripple Glass opened this opportunity.

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Recycling Glass in Valentine!!!!!

NK Waste & Recycling in Valentine and NC RC&D announce the opening of glass recycling in Valentine. You are now able to take glass to the Recycling Center. There is a bin for it along with the other recycling bins.

There will be a grand opening with a ribbon cutting Oct 3rd at the Recycling Center. The open house will be from 2-3 with the ribbon cutting at 2:30. There will be prizes so bring your stocked up glass. Refreshments will be served. A representative from Ripple Glass will also be there.

Neil Wescott commented about bringing glass recycling to Northern Nebraska, “This is a good thing to offer for the community and it is great that Ripple Glass is being so innovative by collecting and processing glass.”

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Keep Loup Basin Beautiful (KLBB) Collecting Mascara Wands with Wands for Wildlife Program

Amy Hughes, Keep Loup Basin Beautiful (KLBB), Project Coordinator, is excited to announce the addition of a new program and partnership. KLBB is proud to announce that they are working with the Appalachian Wildlife Refuge, a non-profit entity, and have set up a drop off/collection site for the Wands for Wildlife Program. To be accepted wands must be cleaned using hot soapy water and be unbroken. This program fits perfectly into KLBB’s vision of keeping unnecessary items out of the landfills and reusing them to their full potential!! In addition, the program is meeting another important piece in our environment and that is the conservation of our wildlife through good practices such as reuse and recycle via animal rehab.

The Wands for Wildlife Program was initiated from a simple Facebook post on Appalachian Wild Co-founder, Savannah Trantham, personal page in 2017. Tranthum’s post for mascara wands went viral and lead to the creation of Wands for Wildlife. Today wands are being shared with other rehab facilities and home-based rehabilitators across the nation.

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Clothing Closet Serves Over 700 Family Members

Even though the Clothing Closet in Burwell was not open in February of 2017, due to a blizzard, it still managed to serve 768 family members from an average of six surrounding counties during the 2017 year. The counties commonly served are: Garfield, Loup, Valley, Wheeler, Holt, Custer and various other counties. Visitors from three states also shopped at the Clothing Closet. Over 17,500 pounds of clothing was donated to the Clothing Closet and approximately 8,448 pounds went home with shoppers. Of course, all of this does not happen without some faithful volunteers. One hundred and one volunteers donated 303 hours of service to make the Clothing Closet accessible to families.

The Clothing Closet could not function without the dedicated service from the volunteers. The First Christian Church provides the facilities for the Clothing Closet and their graciousness is appreciated by all of the volunteers and those who visit the Clothing Closet.

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Ord Viaero Wireless Sponsors Clothing Drive—Donations to Burwell Clothing Closet

Ord Viaero Wireless sponsored a highly successful winter clothing drive in the Ord area to help supply clothes to the Clothing Closet located in Burwell, Nebraska. Daniela Deaver, store manager at Ord Viaero Wireless, implemented the clothing drive. The response to the drive was very positive and Viaero Wireless donated over 1000 pounds of clothing to the Clothing Closet in Burwell. Thank you to all who donated to this drive.

Because there was such a positive response to the clothing drive, Viaero Wireless is still accepting donations. These donations will then be delivered to the Clothing Closet in Burwell.   Donations of clothing may be made at Viaero Wireless, 1315 N. St., Ord, NE. during business hours. If you have any questions, call the store at 308-750-9700. For more information about the Clothing Closet in Burwell, contact Kathy at 308-214-0798.

Viaero Wireless Winter Clothing Drive

Pictured are Kathleen Deaver and Cailin Benda delivering clothes to the Clothing Closet in Burwell.

Keep Loup Basin Beautiful Makes Presentation to Burwell TeamMates Chapter

Amy Hughes, Keep Loup Basin Beautiful (KLBB) Project Coordinator, was invited to present to the Burwell Chapter of the TeamMates Mentoring Program on October 18, 2017 at the morning Mentor Huddle. Hughes was excited to share what KLBB stands for, what it promotes, and give ideas to those in attendance.

Mrs. Hughes began by introducing herself and explaining the, who, what, when, where and why’s of proper recycling practices. Hughes, who focuses much of her energy on education and reuse strategies, shared four hands on reuse projects and spoke on two additional ways mentors can engage mentees in doing beautiful things for their environment.

Hughes showed attendees how to reuse toilet paper and paper towel rolls and an old picture frame to create a brand new, unique piece of wall art. The creation of refrigerator magnets and table coasters out of old, unwanted CD/DVD’s was discussed and shown by Hughes. Mrs. Hughes provided tools on how to make paper beads out of old newspapers, magazines, etc. and explained the process. Even the repurposing of K-cups from Keurig coffee makers was shown and discussed by Hughes.

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Keep Loup Basin Beautiful Visits Calamus Kids Pre-School for “E” Week!

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“E” week at Calamus Kids Pre-school in Burwell is an “E”xciting, “E”xceptional, and “E”ducational week where the classes get to learn about an important “E”nvironmental component when Amy Hughes, KLBB Project Coordinator, visits to talk about “E”ntomology!!! Mrs. Hughes spends 30 minutes with each class talking about what Entomology and/or an Entomologist is and does.

The youth get to see first-hand preserved insect specimens that Mrs. Hughes has collected over the years. Many of the youth are amazed at the number of insects and ask a ton of questions in regards to what each insect is and also comment on which ones are their favorites. The butterflies are always a hit with many youth being able to identify the Monarch butterfly right away!!!

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