Ord Viaero Wireless Sponsors Clothing Drive—Donations to Burwell Clothing Closet

Ord Viaero Wireless sponsored a highly successful winter clothing drive in the Ord area to help supply clothes to the Clothing Closet located in Burwell, Nebraska. Daniela Deaver, store manager at Ord Viaero Wireless, implemented the clothing drive. The response to the drive was very positive and Viaero Wireless donated over 1000 pounds of clothing to the Clothing Closet in Burwell. Thank you to all who donated to this drive.

Because there was such a positive response to the clothing drive, Viaero Wireless is still accepting donations. These donations will then be delivered to the Clothing Closet in Burwell.   Donations of clothing may be made at Viaero Wireless, 1315 N. St., Ord, NE. during business hours. If you have any questions, call the store at 308-750-9700. For more information about the Clothing Closet in Burwell, contact Kathy at 308-214-0798.

Viaero Wireless Winter Clothing Drive

Pictured are Kathleen Deaver and Cailin Benda delivering clothes to the Clothing Closet in Burwell.

Keep Loup Basin Beautiful Makes Presentation to Burwell TeamMates Chapter

Amy Hughes, Keep Loup Basin Beautiful (KLBB) Project Coordinator, was invited to present to the Burwell Chapter of the TeamMates Mentoring Program on October 18, 2017 at the morning Mentor Huddle. Hughes was excited to share what KLBB stands for, what it promotes, and give ideas to those in attendance.

Mrs. Hughes began by introducing herself and explaining the, who, what, when, where and why’s of proper recycling practices. Hughes, who focuses much of her energy on education and reuse strategies, shared four hands on reuse projects and spoke on two additional ways mentors can engage mentees in doing beautiful things for their environment.

Hughes showed attendees how to reuse toilet paper and paper towel rolls and an old picture frame to create a brand new, unique piece of wall art. The creation of refrigerator magnets and table coasters out of old, unwanted CD/DVD’s was discussed and shown by Hughes. Mrs. Hughes provided tools on how to make paper beads out of old newspapers, magazines, etc. and explained the process. Even the repurposing of K-cups from Keurig coffee makers was shown and discussed by Hughes.

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Keep Loup Basin Beautiful Visits Calamus Kids Pre-School for “E” Week!

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“E” week at Calamus Kids Pre-school in Burwell is an “E”xciting, “E”xceptional, and “E”ducational week where the classes get to learn about an important “E”nvironmental component when Amy Hughes, KLBB Project Coordinator, visits to talk about “E”ntomology!!! Mrs. Hughes spends 30 minutes with each class talking about what Entomology and/or an Entomologist is and does.

The youth get to see first-hand preserved insect specimens that Mrs. Hughes has collected over the years. Many of the youth are amazed at the number of insects and ask a ton of questions in regards to what each insect is and also comment on which ones are their favorites. The butterflies are always a hit with many youth being able to identify the Monarch butterfly right away!!!

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Eleven Bicycles Traveled to Lincoln Thanks to Keep Loup Basin Beautiful (KLBB)

Bicycles collected from environmentally conscious and generous area individuals made their way to Lincoln, NE, on Sunday, October 15, 2017. A total of 11 bicycles were loaded into the back of a pickup, secured down, and endured the bumpy three hour ride to the home of Gary Hughes of Lincoln. Upon arrival the bicycles were unloaded, evaluated, and Gary’s hands began performing their magic.

Monday afternoon nine of the bikes were ready for new owners and were taken to First Presbyterian Church. Within 30 minutes three bikes found new owners. Some of the bikes were rode to their new homes while others were placed lovingly into a vehicle for transport. The new recipients were very thankful for such a wonderful gift.

The Bicycle Recycle and Safety Program, which the bicycles are being collected for, is entering into its second month of existence and has already prevented over 40 bicycles from entering area landfills and rather entering the hearts and homes of new owners after some simple tender, love and care. Anyone interested in donating a bicycle for recycle/reuse/refurbishment purposes is invited to drop them off 24/7 at the Loup Basin RC&D Office at 330 South Hwy 11, Burwell, NE 68823. The Bicycle Recycle & Safety Program is a continual program meaning bicycles are welcome at any time!!!

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Keep Loup Basin Beautiful Awarded Plants for National Planting Day

Keep Loup Basin Beautiful (KLBB) was chosen, out of many applicants, to be a recipient of plants by Dickinson’s Witchhazel and Keep America Beautiful (KAB) for National Planting Day. National Planting Day was officially September 9, 2017, however, planting events are welcome to be held throughout the month of September. KLBB was notified September 5, 2017 that their pollinator garden plants were being shipped for the event!!

The Bud’s and Blooms Garden Club met September 12, 2017 and volunteered to plant the four plant species (Hamamelis virginiana, Viburnum dentatum, Asclepias tuberosa, and Phlox maculata) at the Loup River Scenic Byway Interpretive Center. Club members present included Sonja Wagner, Jessica Petersen and Amy Hughes. KLBB extends a big THANK YOU to Dickinson Witchhazel and Keep America Beautiful for choosing KLBB as a recipient of these wonderful plants and to those volunteers that helped get the awarded plants into the ground. These plants are all extremely pollinator friendly and will be a great addition to the already established pollinator garden at the Interpretive Center.

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Keep Loup Basin Beautiful Bicycle Recycle & Safety Program Gives New Life to Bikes

Old, broken, unwanted bicycles are receiving a new chance at life through the Bicycle Recycle & Safety Program offered by Keep Loup Basin Beautiful (KLBB). Bicycles donated or rescued for the program get a face lift thanks to Gary Hughes of Lincoln, NE.

Mr. Hughes and wife, Lynne, visit Burwell regularly to visit family, Ben, Amy & Breon Hughes and the bicycles collected in between visits travel back to Lincoln with them. It is in Mr. Hughes’ “workshop” where he performs his magic, making them ride-able again. Mr. Hughes takes parts from bicycles that are unfixable and uses them to refurbish those that just need some T.L.C.   “Some bicycles do not need much of anything other than cleaned up” states Mr. Hughes. Following their time with Mr. Hughes the bicycles travel to the First Presbyterian Church in Lincoln where any youth who would like a bike, but cannot afford one, are offered the opportunity to call one their own.

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NEW DATE for K-Cup Reuse Workshop Offered by Keep Loup Basin Beautiful

Hey coffee drinkers!!! Ever wonder what other use the Keurig cups (K-cups) possibly have? Well Amy Hughes, Project Coordinator with Keep Loup Basin Beautiful has found some and is excited to share one of them with everyone on August 30, 2017 at 6:30 p.m. at the Loup River Scenic Byway Interpretive Center.

Adults and youth are all invited to the rescheduled K-Cup Reuse Workshop!!! At the workshop participants will learn how to create their own bouquet of forever flowers out of K-cups, paint, straws and construction paper. A $5.00 donation made payable to the Loup Basin RC&D Council is suggested for supplies as all supplies will be provided!!!

Participants will also receive the new 2017 Recycle Guide and be provided the opportunity to view the recycling trailers and semi-trailer and have any questions answered.

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Clothing Closet In Burwell Impacts the World!

The Clothing Closet served 555 people in 2016. Seven thousand pounds of clothing was donated, nine counties were served, and adult and youth volunteers gave of their time 112 times.

Clothing that is not used, is donated to the Burwell Assembly of God Youth Ministries project “Toss Box”.  Pastor, Dave Busch and his family pick up the unused clothing and transport it to Grand Island where it is collected by the semi-load and delivered to the People’s City Mission recycling center in Lincoln and it is separated into three categories.  The best clothes and shoes are made available to the homeless, the next cut goes to third world countries and the least usable go to industrial firms where they are processed into other products.  The products going to the industrial markets are sold with the funds going to the church’s mission projects. Each semi trailer load usually brings in about $3,000.00.

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CD/DVD Coaster Creation Recycle Workshop Offered by Keep Loup Basin Beautiful

Area residents are invited to participate in a new, fun, and exciting workshop where they get to use their creativity The workshop will be held on July 19, 2017 at 6:30 p.m. at the Loup Rivers Scenic ByWay Interpretive Center, 330 S Hwy 11, Burwell, NE 68823. Participants will learn how to create one-of-a-kind table coasters out of old CD/DVD’s that would otherwise end up in our area landfills. The workshop provides any age the ability to make something that will blend with their home décor, bedroom décor, or even a friends décor as a gift. All supplies will be provided for the event with a $5.00 donation to the Loup Basin RC&D. Please come and take advantage of a fun activity where reducing waste, reusing common household items, and recycling unwanted items is the focus. Participants will also learn about the recycle trailers, semi-trailer, and also receive a 2017 KLBB Recycle Guide. To register for the event please call 308-346-3393 or email Amy Hughes, KLBB Project Coordinator at [email protected]

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The Burwell Clothing Closet expands its services!

The Clothing Closet located at the First Christian Church in Burwell is expanding its services to those who would like to utilize the clothing closet but cannot travel or would simply like a new outfit picked out for you and delivered to your door.

The needs from community members that wanted to utilize the Clothing Closet but were asking for additional help, gave Burwell Jr. Sr. High School student, Hallee Mann whom has been volunteering at the Burwell Clothing Closet, the idea to expand its services.  You can reach Halle by calling Kathy Mann, Clothing Closet Coordinator, at 308-214-0798 to place an order and to discuss your clothing needs. Hallee will shop the Clothing Closet for you to find just what you want. Kathy and Halle will deliver clothing to you and they will return items that you don’t want to keep or that you wish to donate to the Clothing Closet.

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