Ord/Burwell Knights of Columbus offer Charitable Services

The Ord/Burwell Knights of Columbus has decided to offer charitable services to residents in surrounding communities and counties through the Clothing Closet located at the First Christian Church in Burwell. The Ord/Burwell Knights of Columbus chose to contribute money through the Clothing Closet to be used by mothers and fathers of infants who are in need of diapers, formula, clothing, and more. Rod Valasek and Keith Vore had a tour of the Clothing Closet on Wednesday, Nov. 14, 2018, and decided to assist others through the outreach of the Clothing Closet. The Knights of Columbus is a Catholic men’s charitable organization that was founded in 1882.  Their purpose is to provide charitable services to all.  The Ord/Burwell chapter was founded 80 years ago and is active in providing charitable services and they also participate in One Rose, One Life: Raising funds for pro-life.

Please contact any of the following individuals to inquire about the charitable services that the Ord/Burwell Knights of Columbus can provide for you:  Rod Valasek:  308 728-7617;  Keith Vore: 308-346-4911; or Kathy Mann:  308-214 -0798.  For more information about the work of the Knights of Columbus, visit http://www.kofc.org/

Pictured Keith Vore, Rod Valasek and Kathy Mann.