Hughes Speaks to Loup Trail Chapter of the Daughters of American Revolution

On Saturday, March 9, 2017, the Loup Trail Chapter of the Daughter’s of the American Revolution (DAR) invited Amy Hughes, Keep Loup Basin Beautiful (KLBB) Project Coordinator to speak to them about Pollinators and Environmental Stewardship. Hughes opened the meeting asking attendees, “What they knew about pollination?” A variety of responses and a lively discussion ensued. Hughes then moved into describing what pollination is, how pollination occurs, what a pollinator is and does, and why they are important. Examples of pollinators were given and pollinator garden requirements were discussed. The presentation was very interactive with questions on, “How to preserve your plants without using insecticides?” and “What is bloom set?”

Hughes also spoke to the group on the roles humans play in proper environmental stewardship and conservation of natural resources. The relationship between pollinator importance and conservation was also discussed and what humans can do to aid in conservation of the land, animals, different species, and the environment around them. Discussion on the populations of the Monarch Butterfly, Regal Fritillary, and Bees were used as examples of how human activities can have negative effects. Hughes then discussed how litter can have an adverse impact on the environment and why it is important to reduce, reuse and recycle to ensure that unwarranted items do not end up in the landfill or other areas that could cause harm to pollinators.A discussion was held on ways to prevent unwanted environmental litter and what to do if you encounter it. Hughes suggested sorting items and taking them to the local recycle trailer and if you come across a location where someone has littered, do your best to clean up the area. Hughes was very, very excited to learn from many of those in attendance that they do reduce, reuse, and recycle and take advantage of the awesome recycling trailers we have in our area!

Hughes thanked the group for the invitation to speak and presented them with flower seeds to add to their own gardens if they choose. Hughes also praised them for their environmental efforts and encouraged them to continue their efforts. Every person’s action leaves a lasting impact!!!

Keep Loup Basin Beautiful (KLBB) is grant-funded through the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality (NDEQ) and Keep America Beautiful; and is a project of the Loup Basin RC&D Council that promotes litter prevention, waste reduction, recycling, and beautification. KLBB serves thirteen counties in central and north-central Nebraska. For more information about KLBB’s education programs, email KLBB at [email protected], visit, or like them on Facebook. Contact the Loup Basin RC&D office (308)-346-3393 or stop by the office at the Loup Rivers Scenic Byway Interpretive Center, 330 South Highway 11 Burwell, Nebraska.