Hughes Introduces Paper and CD/DVD Recycling Ideas to Loup County School Youth

Amy Hughes, Keep Loup Basin Beautiful (KLBB) Project Coordinator visited Loup County Schools 3rd-6th grades March 24, 2017. Hughes was invited to share recycling/repurposing ideas with the classes from Mrs. Marie Gumb and Mrs. Lexie Wurst.

Students in grades 3rd and 4th created “new” Ladybug CD/DVD’s out of old, unusable CD/DVD’s. The youth were very excited to use the creative side of their brain and enjoyed the process of reusing something to make a new, bright and fun Spring object for their room. Students in grades 5th and 6th learned how to reuse different paper products, such as newspaper and magazines, to create beads in five different shapes. The students learned that the process is not as easy as they though and takes teamwork and patience. The youth had fun using the bead making wands and were trying to decide what they wanted to make with them once dried. In total Hughes introduced 25 students to a new, creative, reuse way of thinking about everyday use items.

Hughes would like to thank Mrs. Gumb and Mrs. Wurst for inviting her into their classrooms to share information on the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle mission of KLBB. The goal is to teach today’s youth a new way of thinking about common everyday use items and introduce that there may be different and exciting new uses for them prior to sending them to a landfill or to a recycling facility!! And that this is an important part of being good environmental stewards and conserving the environment around them.

Hughes looks forward to working with the teachers and staff at Loup County Schools again!! Your dedication to the youth at your school and introducing them to new and important issues going on in our area!!

Keep Loup Basin Beautiful (KLBB) is grant-funded through the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality (NDEQ) and Keep America Beautiful; and is a project of the Loup Basin RC&D Council that promotes litter prevention, waste reduction, recycling, and beautification. KLBB serves thirteen counties in central and north-central Nebraska. For more information about KLBB’s education programs, email KLBB at [email protected], visit, or like them on Facebook. Contact the Loup Basin RC&D office (308)-346-3393 or stop by the office at the Loup Rivers Scenic Byway Interpretive Center, 330 South Highway 11 Burwell, Nebraska.