Wands for Wildlife

Amy Hughes, Keep Loup Basin (KLBB), Project Coordinator, invites you to join forces with us and the Appalachian Wildlife Refuge to help in rehab, conservation, and environmental courtesy by collecting old, used, unwanted mascara wands. These wands will be used in the rehabilitation of different wildlife through removal of eggs, larvae and other foreign entities. Wands do need to be cleaned prior to donation with warm soapy water. Examples of wands accepted can be seen in the pictures shown on the flier and need to possess long closely placed bristles. Additional information regarding this program, including drop-off locations, can be found by visiting https://keeploupbasinbeautiful.org. Wand collection headquarters is at the Loup Rivers Scenic Byway Interpretive Center/Loup Basin RC&D Office (330 S Hwy 11) in Burwell. Join us in making a lasting impact on our environment through good stewardship and conservation practices.

Wands for Wildlife Flier