Crayon Recycling Program

The Crayon Recycle Program takes unwanted, rejected, broken crayons to a better place, where they will be recycled into new crayons!  This “recycling” education, community service has made it possible to stop more than 102,000 pounds of unwanted crayons from going into landfills with the help from schools, organization educators, and kids across the country!

Participation is easy!  All classrooms have to do is collect the crayons, leaving the paper on if possible (they can utilize sorting into colors as an activity if they would like)!  Amy Hughes, Project Coordinator will then collect the box(es) and prep them for shipping to the recycling facility.  OR if your school would rather Amy will instruct the teachers on how to make their own “Crazy Crayons”!

Please contact Amy Hughes, Project Coordinator with any questions or concerns at [email protected]

Additional information can be found at:

Coloring Pages are below:

“Crazy Crayon” Creation Instructions can be found at:

2016-2017 Participating Schools
Burwell Elementary – Burwell
Calamus Kids Preschool – Burwell
Sacred Heart Church – Burwell
Loup County Elementary – Taylor
Central Valley Elementary – Scotia
Riverside School – Cedar Rapids
Riverside School – Spalding
Spalding Academy – Spalding
Loup City Public – Loup City
Arcadia Public – Arcadia
Thedford Elementary – Thedford
Thedford Public – Thedford
Mullen Public – Mullen
Valentine Public – Valentine
St. Joseph Elementary – Atkinson
Anselmo-Merna Public – Merna