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Keep Loup Basin Beautiful (KLBB) Holds Bicycle Recycle and Safety Day for Area Youth

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On July 14, 2016, form 6-8 p.m. KLBB offered a unique and fun Bicycle Recycle and Safety Day at the Burwell Elementary Basketball Courts. Thirteen youth from Valley, Garfield, Loup and Wheeler Counties who had pre-registered were sent through many stations where they learned about proper bicycle mechanics and maintenance, went through a bicycle safety check making sure their bikes were street legal, practiced mounting/dismounting and starting/stopping, how to control bike speed and maneuverability through weaving and figure eights, learned the proper hand signals to use while riding and learned proper recycling techniques while riding their bicycles. Participants also received a new free bicycle helmet from Burwell’s Blazing Star Masonic Lodge Number 200.

The idea for the event stemmed from a previous job but was expanded upon by Amy Hughes, Project Coordinator. This expansion included the addition of bicycle mechanics and maintenance and proper recycling techniques. Recycling is a huge part of our life now and many times bicyclists come across items that need to be properly disposed of or have items that they possess that need to be disposed of and what better way to introduce and reinforce the recycling concept then by making it a part of the bicycle program. As with every program and event that is planned being flexible and able to revamp on the spot is and was important but the ultimate goal of the youth learning a lot about their bikes and proper safety while riding was defiantly achieved.

Amy plans on holding the event again in 2017 but in a different location in the KLBB area. This will ensure that all youth in the KLBB area have a chance to participate and learn the importance of such relevant activities. Amy extends her sincere appreciation to all the volunteers that helped make the evening a success. Those volunteers included Dan Measner, Deb Starr, Jim Starr, Maggie Conrad, Garfield County Sherriff – Larry Donner and Burwell Chief of Police – Ben Hughes. All volunteers are invaluable parts of their communities!! Their willingness to be a part of this event made the event a success!! Without them and the experience that they possess the youth would not have learned all of the great information that they did in such a fun and exciting way!! Amy also wants to thank her co-workers, Janet Sanders, Mary Hughes, and Kathy Mann, for being willing to see what she was envisioning and also for helping complete that vision. They are a huge part of why Amy enjoys this job!!

To keep up with all the fun activities that Keep Loup Basin Beautiful has to offer please visit our website at, find us on facebook at Keep Loup Basin Beautiful, or follow us on twitter at @KeepLBBeautiful. Keep Loup Basin Beautiful is a project of Loup Basin RC & D and covers Blaine, Boyd, Cherry, Custer, Garfield, Greeley, Holt, Howard, Loup, Rock, Sherman, Valley and Wheeler Counties. The KLBB mission is “To promote and provide environmental education and projects that will lead to litter prevention, waste reduction, recycling, and beautification in Central and North Central Nebraska.”   KLBB is also an affiliate of Keep America Beautiful and thus a part of a nation-wide network of organizations dedicated to creating healthy and vibrant communities.


Keep Loup Basin Beautiful (KLBB) Offers Bicycle Recycle and Safety Event

Amy Hughes, Keep Loup Basin Beautiful (KLBB) Project Coordinator, invites youth to attend the Bicycle Recycle and Safety Day being held July 14, 2016 at 6:00 p.m. at the Burwell Elementary School Basketball Courts. Youth will learn how to identify different bicycle parts, have an inspection done on their bikes to make sure they are in great working order, will learn how to utilize parts from other bikes to fix their own if needed, will be educated in proper bicycle safety while riding, will apply what is learned in a bicycle rodeo safety course, learn where old and outgrown bicycles can be donated, and learn about proper recycling strategies while riding. Participants will also receive a new bicycle helmet courtesy of the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office and Burwell Police Department. With summer in full swing and youth heading out to the pool, to friends houses, or just to ride it is very important for that proper riding etiquette be taught and utilized along with wearing helmets. Those interested are asked to pre-register by June 15, 2016 by filling out and returning a registration form that can be found on the KLBB website ( and KLBB Facebook page (Keep Loup Basin Beautiful) or by calling 308-346-3393 or emailing [email protected]. Registration is required to ensure proper helmet size is ordered for each individual.

Flier and Registration Form link is below.

Bicycle Recycle and Safety Program Flier