Clothing Closet Serves Over 700 Family Members

Even though the Clothing Closet in Burwell was not open in February of 2017, due to a blizzard, it still managed to serve 768 family members from an average of six surrounding counties during the 2017 year. The counties commonly served are: Garfield, Loup, Valley, Wheeler, Holt, Custer and various other counties. Visitors from three states also shopped at the Clothing Closet. Over 17,500 pounds of clothing was donated to the Clothing Closet and approximately 8,448 pounds went home with shoppers. Of course, all of this does not happen without some faithful volunteers. One hundred and one volunteers donated 303 hours of service to make the Clothing Closet accessible to families.

The Clothing Closet could not function without the dedicated service from the volunteers. The First Christian Church provides the facilities for the Clothing Closet and their graciousness is appreciated by all of the volunteers and those who visit the Clothing Closet.

            The Dave Busch family donates a valuable service to the Clothing Closet through the Toss Box. As clothing is sorted at the Clothing Closet, some of it is designated to be sent on to the Toss Box. Dave Busch and his family and youth group gather the clothes to be sent to the Toss Box and load their own trailer. The Busch’s then deliver the clothes to the Grand Island Toss Box. Semi-trucks from Lincoln pick up the clothing and return it to Lincoln to the Lincoln People’s City Mission. From Lincoln, the clothing goes to other states and foreign countries. Donated clothing is used locally, nationally, and even internationally. Thus you can be assured that your donated clothing is being put to good use, first locally, and then in other areas. The Busch family is dedicated to the mission of the Clothing Closet and their work is sincerely appreciated by all of the volunteers who work at the Clothing Closet. For additional information about the Toss Box, contact Dave Busch at (308) 346-4173.

If anyone would like to help at the Clothing Closet in 2018, please give Kathy Mann a call at (308) 214-0798 or Janet Sanders at (308) 346-3393 or Amy Hughes at (402) 432-1818. Donations can also be made by calling any of these individuals.

Please, do come and visit the Clothing Closet located at the Burwell First Christian Church and discover how the Clothing Closet functions. The Clothing Closet is open the last Friday of every month from 3:00-5:30 p.m. Refreshments are served for your enjoyment! Drop in for a visit!